Ginger Pork Stir Fry

We had no plan for dinner last night but I had this pork tenderloin that had been sitting in the fridge for three days. I wanted something simple, really simple. So I googled pork stir fry and this recipe from Taste of Home was the third in the search results. I had no time to think about it and anyway I had all ingredients at hand so I made it. I served it with coconut rice. There were no left overs. Have a wonderful weekend. My Friday is full of sunshine!!!!! Continue reading

Green Hamburger

With Green Ingredients

I made this burger several times over summer but since It was always so good,  I never managed to take a single photo. I want to use this recipe tomorrow, so I’ve posted it without any photos.. Maybe that will prompt me to take the photos? It looks nice I promise you. but lets wait for the photo….coming soon. Continue reading