The Ultimate Nacho Platter

If I can remember well, we were only four people the night I made this nacho. I thought I was hungry and I wanted the biggest nacho plate I could lay my hands on. In fact, I had planned to make two plates…wishful thinking. We didn’t finish this one plate. It was just way too filling. I was supposed to top it up with sour cream and green onions and pimento and some really hot pepper sauce, but I was so hungry, so we started devouring and only remembered the extra toppings when the plate was half empty. Have a pleasant weekend! Continue reading

Martha Stewart’s Cream Scones

My Favourite Scones

Martha Stewart’s Cream Scones myfavouritepastime.comI watched Martha make these scones and I knew I wanted to try them, “tout suite”, so I went and bought some cake flour and made them for breakfast, the next day.
They were tender, fluffy and soft on the inside, but with a bit of crunch on the outside. The best part of these scones is the booze and the currants. If you plan to make them without the orange liqueur or other fortified wine, then just save your breath and bake something else. I used Marsala instead of the orange liqueur but they still tasted awesome. They don’t look very pretty but they taste delectable. I would make them over and over and over again. Have a great weekend. Continue reading

Spicy Chicken Pasties

My Favourite Snacks

Spicy Chicken Pasties myfavouritepastime.comWe had these pasties a few days ago. They are so easy to make because you only need to make the filling and then buy some puff pastry from your local store. I made twenty but I can assure you they did not see the end of day. They were gone in one sitting. I wish you a pleasant day! Continue reading

Chocolate Honey Oat Bars

My Favourite Bars

Chocolate Honey Oat Bars myfavouritepastime.comI made these bars some three months ago. I’ve finally managed to do the post so you can imagine how elated I am right now! They were sugary and addictive. I couldn’t stop eating. I remember waking up, one day, at 2.00 am and rushing downstairs to have another bar. I was so glad when they got finished, but I am thinking of making them again, soon. My life has been busy. What about you? The weather in Canada is rather cold for June but we do have lots of sunshine today. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. Yes I can’t wait for the weekend because I’ve had a very long week! Continue reading

Lemon Bars

My Favourite Cakes and Bakes

Lemon Bars myfavouritepastime.comI had a bite of these lemon bars and exclaimed “omg, they are too sugary”. Later my daughter tried one, and said “Mum they are so sugary!’ but guess what? somehow, that sugar is so nice, tangy and addictive. We nibbled and nibbled all day long and soon the tray was empty. I haven’t made them again because I know I’ll not stop eating until they’re gone. Give them a try if you can. Continue reading