Easy No Knead Rosemary and Olive Skillet Bread

The best part of this bread is the olive oil and rosemary. Please do not substitute the olive oil with other vegetable oils. You can sub the rosemary with oregano or thyme if you wish but my favourite combo is rosemary-olive. I think an addition of some chopped olives would be great too. How was your weekend?  Ours was spent watching “Spiderman: Homecoming” Don’t we ever get tired of these fantasy characters? My posting has been rather slow of late. Too many things to do over summer. I wish you a very happy week!

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Gingerbread Squares

I am as lazy as ever. I love, love, love simple recipes that take the least amount of time as possible. I found this on the my recipes website and  made it immediately. It is very nice. There were nine slices and we’ve only eaten three so far. I went over the top with baking yesterday so my dining table is full of all sorts of cakes and tarts. We are now only eating one meal a day-dinner. The rest of the day is spent eating all the junk on the table. Have a lovely week! Continue reading