British Colombia

  1. Eat Munch Love
  2. Family Feed Bag  Victoria
  3. Foodie on Board Vancouver
  4. Gluten   Vancouver
  5. Gotta Get Baked Vancouver
  6. Gypsy Moon Silver Spoon Victoria
  7. Skora 101
  8. The Culinary Klepto

If your blog is not listed here, it means I haven’t stumbled upon it. Please leave your blog name here and I shall add it to the list. Thank you!

***I haven’t come by blogs from the other provinces, if your blog is from any of the other provinces just give me a shout I shall create the page!

Last updated: July 6, 2020

29 thoughts

  1. This is such an amazing idea! I’m a blogger from Vancouver, BC and would love to be added to the list if you’re still looking for submissions ( 🙂 I just stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and I’m bookmarking your recipes like no tomorrow!

  2. Hi Liz, this is a very cool idea! I always love meeting other Canadian food bloggers – I feel like there are so few of us compared to those in the US. I’m Nancy from Gotta Get Baked (thanks for visiting my blog!) and I’m in Vancouver, B.C.

    1. Hi Nancy,
      I’m so glad to meet you and great to know you’re from Vancouver BC. Thanks for visiting my blog too. I hope you keep in touch? Best wishes!

    1. Hi Dimple,
      I love Canada too…so that makes the two of us. Please come and live with us here although I am in Ontario and not BC. Have a fabulous weekend. Best wishes

        1. Next time you’re in Canada you should visit. BC is far from Ontario, though. It’s on the opposite end. All the best!

  3. Hi Liz! This is such a wonderful way to find other bloggers. I am new to blogging and just discovering the amazing network of interesting and talented people out there. I live in the Vancouver area and would love to be added to your list. My blog is . Thanks so much for helping us to network!

    1. Chef Julianna,
      Thank you so much for finding my blog and for finding this useful. There are so many interesting bloggers out there and I love having the ones I know or have meet within reach. I shall add your blog asap. Thanks and have a lovely weekend. We have lots of sunshine here today.

    1. Yes It hasn’t been working for sometime and I can’t trace the owner yet. It just says it is no longer available. If I can’t trace her completely I’ll just delete it. Thanks for reminding me about it or do you know the lady who owns it? Thank you and Best Wishes!

    1. I shall add your blog thank you. How is Uni. I miss the UK. I was there many years ago as student at the Royal Botanical Gardens, in Kew. Oh how I loved taking a walk in that garden during spring and summer. Fond memories! Have a lovely weekend!

      1. Thanks so much! I’m loving this temporary UK living thing 😀 Although I have to say, there have been a few unexpected baking hurdles… Let’s just say that I’m learning to be a lot more flexible 😛
        I’ve not been to those gardens before but I’m visiting London for the next few weeks. RBG is now on my weekend to do list — so thanks for that too 😀

        1. If you can please do visit. I hope you love plants because it’s mostly plants. I hope you are enjoying life in the UK? I love shopping in Europe. it’s so much different from North America. Thanks for the visit!

    1. Thanks for stopping here and great to meet someone from BC. The list is rather scant and It would do with some additions. Have a pleasant weekend!

  4. Hi Liz. I like your blog a lot. Blogging about food and travel? We have something in common! I also like how you have a collection of Canadian food blogs here. I have recently moved from my old blog to WordPress. Your blog is the first and the only one that I follow. Keep up the good work.

    I used to live in B.C. but I now live in Japan though. Could I be included?

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. Thanks for liking my blog too. Thanks for the follow. I shall include your blog. Hope to see you again? Have a great week!

  5. Hi! I’m Canadian, living near Vancouver, and I was wondering if you could add my name to the list! Thanks a lot 🙂

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