Cornish Pasty

This recipe is adapted from two different recipes. The short pastry is from  Hairy Bikers’ Cornish pasty  and the filling from the Cornish Pasty Association.
Here are the top tips from Cornish Pasty Association:  Beef skirt is the cut traditionally used for Cornish pasties. This is the underside of the belly of the animal. It has no gristle and little fat, cooks in the same amount of time as the raw vegetables and its juice produces wonderful gravy. Use a firm waxy potato such as Maris Peer or Wilja. A floury potato will disintegrate on cooking. Continue reading

The Ultimate Nacho Platter

If I can remember well, we were only four people the night I made this nacho platter I thought I was hungry and I wanted the biggest nacho platter I could lay my hands on. In fact, I had planned to make two plates…wishful thinking. We didn’t finish this one plate. It was just way too filling. I was supposed to top it up with sour cream and green onions and pimento and some really hot pepper sauce, but I was so hungry, so we started devouring and only remembered the extra toppings when the plate was half empty. Have a pleasant weekend! Continue reading

Macaroni and Cheese with Ground Beef

This dish was a hit. For the breadcrumbs I just threw 2 slices of whole grain bread in a chopper and made fresh crumbs. You can use Panko or other fancy crumbs if you like. You can also increase the amount of cheese if you want. I wish you a very pleasant weekend. Our day has started with SUN…..YES LOTS OF IT!
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