Basmati Rice with Potatoes and Chickpeas

I just had this rice for lunch. It was so good so I decided to take photos and post the recipe. How have you been? I’ve been lazy and busy at the same time. I last posted on 4 of July. This recipe is very versatile. You can replace the chickpeas with beans. I think the red ones would go really well with yellow. You can also sub the potatoes with butternut squash or any other starch you deem desirable. I wish you a lovely evening.

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Baked Brown Rice with Carrots and Coconut Milk

When I cook brown rice I bake it. It works better for me, plus am lazy anyway so I like popping things in the oven while I do other stuff. It rained here the whole day yesterday. There is still no sign of sunshine, but it’s a beautiful day with lots of birds chirping and building nests. I wish you a very pleasant day! Continue reading

Kheema Pilau

The word Kheema means “minced”. So this is basically Minced Beef Pilau or ground beef pilau. I loved the sweetness of the sultanas (golden raisins) and the crunch of the cashew nuts. The addition of cream gave it an extra special taste. Please do not omit the cream. This week is fantastic. Sunshine all day long. I wish you a pleasant day. If you like I can send you some virtual sunshine. Continue reading

Southwest Chicken Skillet

I seem to get so busy these days so I am always looking for a quick recipe that takes the minimum time possible. I found this on Budget Bytes by Beth. At first, I must say I was very skeptical but then the dinner turned out really great. The best part of this recipe? throw all ingredients into the pot, add the broth, season to taste (I added cumin and Paprika), bring to boil and simmer for twenty minutes. I have added this to my quick recipe repertoire and I plan to make it again, soon. Have a pleasant week! Ours is full of sun….such a beautiful day! Continue reading