Classic Lasagna

I saw this lasagna in the April 2016 Better Homes and Garden Magazine and I knew I wanted to eat it “toute suit“. So I went ahead and bought ingredients and here we are. We finished everything in one sitting.  Continue reading

Sour Cream Salsa and Cheddar Dip

One word to describe this simple dip “Addictive” Please make sure you buy the best quality salsa and cheese you can find. Have a pleasant day! Continue reading

Pasta with Blue Cheese Sauce

Pasta with Blue Cheese Sauce myfavouritepastime.comI wanted to eat pasta with a blue cheese sauce but I didn’t want an over the top recipe with too much cream or cheese. This sauce is mild, tasty and with a hint of blue cheese. If you want more cheese or cream, please go ahead. I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading

Madras Curry Paste Recipe


Madras Curry Paste myfavouritepastime.comThis curry does not have a fixed set of ingredients but a typical mixture may contain the following ingredients, all roasted and ground to a powder: coriander seeds, cumin seeds, black pepper, mustard seeds and possibly cinnamon.
Other ingredients may include cayenne pepper or a mixture or cayenne and paprika to enhance the red colour, turmeric, fresh ginger and garlic; and possibly fresh curry leaves, onions or asafoetida. This is my version of the paste.

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