Baby Spinach Cashew and Parmesan Dip

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Baby Spinach Cashew and Parmesan Dip

Baby Spinach Cashew and Parmesan Dip myfavouritepastime.comMy friend Sandy always goes away on vacation to some of the most fascinating places in the world. I really envy her and hope that one day I shall be able to pack my bags and just go on a trip without any worry or care in the world. The last time she was away she ate some delicious dips and, gave me a number of recipes to try. I love procrastinating, so I just tucked them away and forgot all about them.

The other day I was hosting some friends and remembered the dips, so I made this spinach one because I love cashew nuts and authentic Pecorino Romano cheese from Italy. You must be wondering what it tasted like. Well, there was the tanginess of the vinegar and lime, the saltiness of the Pecorino Romano and the kick of chilli that I added. It was amazing. I hope you find time to try it. Have a great weekend! Continue reading