Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits myfavouritepastime.comI made these biscuits several months ago. The main ingredients are large oat flakes, shredded coconut, flour, butter and golden syrup. Use good quality golden syrup. Once, I sat down to eat them, I couldn’t stop. I remember eating them continuously until they got finished. They are very addictive. I hope you’re enjoying fall, with all those beautiful leaves falling, and sometimes annoying, because you know you have to rake them, pretty soon. Enjoy the week! Continue reading

Chocolate Honey Oat Bars

My Favourite Bars

Chocolate Honey Oat Bars myfavouritepastime.comI made these bars some three months ago. I’ve finally managed to do the post so you can imagine how elated I am right now! They were sugary and addictive. I couldn’t stop eating. I remember waking up, one day, at 2.00 am and rushing downstairs to have another bar. I was so glad when they got finished, but I am thinking of making them again, soon. My life has been busy. What about you? The weather in Canada is rather cold for June but we do have lots of sunshine today. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. Yes I can’t wait for the weekend because I’ve had a very long week! Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Gingernuts

My Favourite Cookies

Chocolate Chip Gingernuts myfavouritepastime.comI wanted to eat some crunchy homemade gingernut cookies or biscuits, whatever you call them, but I also wanted chocolate at the same time. So I decided to mix the two and have my flavours in one bite. They tasted really good. Trust me. We crunched them over a one week period and now I’m planning to do it all over again. Have a wonderful weekend! Continue reading

Lemon Butter Cookies

My Favourite Cookies

Lemon Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.comEvery time I make cookies or biscuits, I always ask, what is the difference? I found this interesting post in the Oxford Dictionaries site, which summed it up in one very interesting paragraph.

” A British biscuit is an American cookie and an American cookie is a British cookie and an American biscuit is a British scone and an American scone is something else entirely. Simple! Now, what would you like with your tea?” you want to read more? click here Continue reading

Spicy Currant and Lemon Cookies

My Favourite Cookies

Spicy Currant and Lemon Cookies myfavouritepastime.comWhat can I say about these cookies? They were addictive. I crunched and crunched and crunched until, oops!…the jar was empty. The rolling and cutting was the bit I hesitated about, but it was well worth every effort. I highly recommend them. I hope you’r enjoying the new week. Am daydreaming about spring…It’s always so nice to know winter is slowly coming to an end. Happy International Women’s Day to all the phenomenal women around the world!!!

Spicy Currant and Lemon Cookies

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