What is Serrano Ham?

Plate of Serrano Ham in Madrid Spain-Photo Courtesy of David Adam Kess Wikimedia Commons

Serrano ham or Jamón serrano is a Spanish raw ham, dry-cured with salt and air-dried for at least nine months. It was originally produced, in curing sheds in the mountainous areas, of the Andalusia region of Spain. It’s now produced commercially, under controlled conditions in most parts of Spain.

The serrano ham is made from a breed of white pigs or the commercial breed Duroc.

The word ‘Jamón’ means Ham and the word Sierra means mountain range so Jamón serrano literally means ham from the mountain range.

Jamón serrano is variously described as jamón reserva, jamón curado and jamón extra. All these hams are produced from compound-fed white pigs. (wiki)

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2 thoughts

  1. The most common breed to make jamon (ham) is actually black leg pig (pata negra) and the particularity is that they live and are bred in this mountain range in the south of Spain and they are fed with acorns. That one is the best. The Iberico Ham is highly superior quality ham to that one of Serrano (and more expensive), my advice is that you try this one hehe 😉

    1. Oh yes the black Iberian pig is used to make ‘Iberian ham’ voted “Best Ham in the world” in 2007. I am not sure I can find it here in Canada. I would love to try it of course!

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