Red D’Anjou Pear

 The Red Anjou

The Red Anjou originated as naturally occurring bud sport found on Green Anjou trees. Apart from the reddish-maroon skin colour, red Anjou pears are very similar to the Green Anjou, in shape, flavour and texture. They are great for adding colour to a fruit basket, bowl or salad.

What is a bud sport?

The word sport in botany, means a natural genetic mutation as a result of faulty chromosomal replication. The sport results in a segment of the plant that is distinctly different from the parent plant in appearance (phenotype) and genetics (genotype)
A bud sport is the natural mutation that occurs in a single branch in a tree. In many cases the new character (trait) can be handed down to the plant’s offspring.
Many varieties of fruits are ‘sports’ such as the ‘Red D’Anjou’ which is derived from the ‘Green D’Anjou’ where the difference is only in the skin colour.

Availability: October-May


Persia americana

How to Cut Avocado myfavouritepastime.com_3635

Avocado belongs to the family Lauraceae which also includes the Bay Laurel (Bay leaves) and Cinnamon.

It’s also popularly known as Alligator Pear, because it looks like a leathery pear or Butter Fruit or Butter Pear.

It’s a native to central America and has been cultivated in the USA since the mid 1800s in Florida and California, which produces 90% of US fruit. It’s currently cultivated in the tropical and Mediterranean types of climates throughout the world.

Producers: Mexico is the largest producer and exporter of avocado. Other main producers are, California, New Zealand, Peru and South Africa.


There are several cultivars of avocado the most common being ‘Hass’, which accounts for 80% of the cultivated avocados in the world, and produces fruit all year round. The flesh has a nutty, rich flavour with 19% oil and the fruit turns purplish black on ripening. Continue reading

Pork Stir Fry with Lemon and Coriander

Stir fry is my go to dish when I feel lazy but I still want to eat a nice home cooked meal. My favourite ingredients are usually capsicum and broccoli. Thank God everybody in my house loves broccoli. We sometimes make vegetarian pizza with broccoli. It’s awesome. I wish you a very happy week. Mine is full of sunshine!!!! Continue reading

Banana Pineapple Bread with Coconut

How can I describe it? Crunchy coconut and sticky lime at the top. Subtle pineapple and banana flavour and aroma. Not too sugary but very moist and pleasant. Once you start eating, you can’t stop. If you love over the top sugary cakes then perhaps this wasn’t meant for you! Have a wonderful week! The original recipe is from Continue reading

Classic Lasagna

I saw this lasagna in the April 2016 Better Homes and Garden Magazine and I knew I wanted to eat it “toute suit“. So I went ahead and bought ingredients and here we are. We finished everything in one sitting.  Continue reading