Grey Zucchini

Also known as Mexican Grey squash, Middle Eastern or Lebanese,

Grey zucchini is a summer squash like the dark green zucchini but its more stocky, with a rounded blossom end. It has a pale green (mint green), smooth and shiny skin. The shade of green will usually vary from darkish to lightish with light spots.

The flesh is solid and crisp and mild tasting. It’s best harvested early before seeds form, at 5-7 inches.

Culinary Use of Grey Zucchini (Grey Squash)

Use grey zucchini as you would the regular green one.

Sauté with onions, garlic and fresh herbs; Stir fry with bell pepper or other summer vegetables and season with salt and pepper,

Grill with olive oil and season with salt and pepper, Slice and fry and use to make pasta sauce; slice, layer and mix with other summer vegetables and bake into a gratin;

Grate and use in muffins, bread, pancakes, omelettes or thinly slice and use as a pizza or flatbread topping,

Serve picked or raw in green salads.

Shopping for Grey Zucchini

Although botanically classified as a fruit, grey zucchini is also  treated like a vegetable.

When shopping look for firm ones with smooth shiny skin and without any blemishes.


Grey zucchini is most plentiful from May to October like all summer squashes.

Grey Zucchini

Grey Zucchini

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