Cheese and Onion Bread

Have a great weekend…..

Chez Foti_0629

I started this blog because I wanted to inspire myself and others to bake or cook. Once a week, I shall be taking time off my blog to cook or bake  from somebody else’s blog. This week I baked a simple Cheese and Onion Bread from a lovely lady I ‘met ” on the WordPress platform from SW France.

Four reasons why you should try this simple Onion and Cheese Bread:

  • It’s a quick and simple yeastless and kneadless throw-it-all together Cheese & Onion Bread, that takes minutes to make.
  • It’s the perfect accompaniment to a hearty lunch time soup and particularly wonderful served piping hot out of the oven whilst the cheeses are still oozy
  • And you can literally use any cheese, or combination of cheeses, you happen to have in.
  • It’s very delicious and filling, I had it for lunch yesterday, but being such a carnivore, I added some ham to it,

Have a cheese and onion filled weekend. For the recipe, click here 

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Happy Easter

Have a Great Weekend

Friday 29 March 2013_2510_2
Chinese Dogwood (Cornus kousa var. chinensis)

Today we had wonderful weather- in double digits, 10°c (50°F). It was so awesome.  This is a long weekend. Schools resume on Tuesday, April 2nd.

To all those who followed my blog in the last two days, I want to say thank you in advance. I’m sorry I haven’t had time to reciprocate, but I shall do so in the next two days!

To all those who left kind notes on my blog, I want to say thank you so much, too. I enjoy having conversations, please do not hesitate to leave a comment at any time.

As usual, I want to wish you all a Great Weekend and a Happy Easter, for those who celebrate it. Please remember to give at least ten people a smile this weekend.

All people smile in the same language.
– Proverb


Have a Springful Weekend!

Floating Bouquet

Friday 23 March_2513
Buddleja davidii (Summer Lilac), Royal Botonical Gardens, Ontario
  • Did you know that regular exercisers sleep better? Please try to exercise more regularly, if you are not doing so, already.
  • If you thought garage sales were a nuisance, think twice. A rare Chinese bowl bought for US$3.00, at a garage sale, fetched the new owner over 2 million dollars, in a New York Auction.
  • Full cream milk could be better?

Have a springful weeked….


Have a Thoughtful Weekend

Please Remember to Take Your Scarf With You

Yesterday was a lovely and sunny day, so I decided to go for a walk without a scarf and put on a rather light jacket, after all it was shining.  Half way through the walk, the wind started gusting. You know what I am talking about, that biting, cold and frigid wind, that leaves you with an instant running nose and eyes tearing. When this happens and you have your scarf then, you just bundle up and continue walking, happily. I didn’t have my scarf, so I couldn’t bundle up. For the first time since winter began, I really missed my scarf. I remembered my friend, Karen with her, beautiful handmade scarves. Oh how I longed for a scarf…so ladies and gentlemen, if you are going to take a walk over the weekend, and you live in a cold place, please remember to take your scarf with you, and also remember to check the ‘feels like temperatures’ and dress appropriately.

To all those who have been supporting or following my blog, liking my posts and most of all trying out the recipes, I thank you very much for your support because without you, I would have given up by now. Your support is very important to me because it motivates and energizes me!

To my friend Karen, thank you for letting me use these photos for the post.

Food for thought: did you know that the person on the other end of the phone line can sense you smiling? If you never answer your phone with a smile, it’s time to try smiling on the phone. Please give ten people a smile this weekend!

Have a thoughtful weekend!


Happy March Break

Another Friday Has Arrived

Friday 8 March 2013_2682
Royal Botanical Gardens, Ontario

I hope you had a wonderful week, like me. If you didn’t have a good week, please try to have a great weekend. It’s March break in Canada so our kids are home for the next 9 days. If you are travelling, have a pleasant flight and enjoy your holiday.

  • Wondering what to do during March break? Check out March break events for families in Toronto and  Guelph.
  • Daylight savings time 2013: Please remember to set your clock one hour ahead, this Sunday March 10 at 2.00 am, to avoid surprises.
  • You and Your Health: Have you been buying premixed and pre-washed salads to save time? You need to read this.
  • Salt awareness week (11-17 March 2013): how much salt are you consuming on a daily basis?  Please try to pay attention the amount of salt you are eating, Here are few tips on how to take control of the salt in your ownfood preparation 
  • Going down to Florida’s ever-popular March break resorts? This might interest you.
  • Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day.

Wish you all a Happy March Break.