Happy March Break

Another Friday Has Arrived

Friday 8 March 2013_2682
Royal Botanical Gardens, Ontario

I hope you had a wonderful week, like me. If you didn’t have a good week, please try to have a great weekend. It’s March break in Canada so our kids are home for the next 9 days. If you are travelling, have a pleasant flight and enjoy your holiday.

  • Wondering what to do during March break? Check out March break events for families in Toronto and  Guelph.
  • Daylight savings time 2013: Please remember to set your clock one hour ahead, this Sunday March 10 at 2.00 am, to avoid surprises.
  • You and Your Health: Have you been buying premixed and pre-washed salads to save time? You need to read this.
  • Salt awareness week (11-17 March 2013): how much salt are you consuming on a daily basis?  Please try to pay attention the amount of salt you are eating, Here are few tips on how to take control of the salt in your ownfood preparation 
  • Going down to Florida’s ever-popular March break resorts? This might interest you.
  • Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day.

Wish you all a Happy March Break.


2 thoughts on “Happy March Break

  1. Thanks for this information on premixed veges, this is really serious, makes me feel sick in the stomach. And this salt issue is so true, it’s high time I also looked back and took a log of the huge amounts of salt I am currently consuming! I think there needs to be a monthly warning on regular health issues like salt. Love that photo, I have only ever seen the green Ricinus communis, this is really cool!

    1. I am now so obsessed with washing my green veges, sometimes I think I even overdo it and there are times I have thrown some fresh things because I panicked!

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