What is Red Split Lentil?

Lens culinaris Medikus

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The red split lentil is also known as Egyptian lentil or Masoor dal.
It’s made from splitting whole brownish-red lentils. The skin (also referred to as seed coat or testa)  is removed and the remaining reddish-orange seed (also referred to as cotyledon)  is then split into two halves.The most common type of red lentil is the Red Chief. It’s a lovely salmon pink in its dried form, but it turns golden yellow when cooked. It’s approximately ¼ inch in diameter and nearly flat. (North American Grain)

The common red types in Canada include: Crimson, Redcap, Redberry, Robin, Blaze, Rouleau and Rosetown with seed size of 30-40 grams/1000 seeds.

Canada has several processing plants in Saskatchewan, capable of de-hulling (removing the outer seed coat) and splitting both red and green types of lentils for the world market.

Cooking Red Split Lentils

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The red split lentils do not require soaking prior to cooking and cook in 10-12 minutes. During cooking, they disintegrate into puree and are therefore best for soups, thickening stews, curries and casseroles, and making dips. Before cooking, you should wash them in warm water to remove dust and dirt. 


in general, lentils are high in fibre, low in fat and sodium and are cholesterol free. They are also high in protein, are an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fibre, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins, potassium, iron, phosphorus and zinc. Split lentils have relatively low amounts of fibre because the skin (seed coat or testa) has been removed and most of the fibre is found on the skin. (Bulk Barn)

Culinary Use

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  1. Lentil is an important food source for millions of people worldwide. It has a mild, subtly sweet flavour.
  2. In India, split lentil, also known as dhal or dal, is used in soups and is consumed widely with nearly every meal.
  3. In southern Asia, red split lentils are used in curries.
  4. Lentil flour can be blended with other flours for added taste and nutrition.
  5. The blended flour can be used to make yeast and quick breads, muffins, biscuits, fritters, batter and pancakes.
  6. Lentil flour can also be added to baby foods for nutrition.
  7. Pureed lentils make a great addition to muffin and loaf recipes, contributing to moistness as well as adding fibre and protein.

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Lentil Recipes

  1. Amazing Lentil Recipes from Lentil.ca

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  1. These are indeed useful to keep on hand. They cook quickly and make a very nice spur of the moment soup, with carrots and cumin, for example.

    1. When I see you, I think of meat…I don’t know why. I’m glad to hear you’re in the mood for lentil soup. Welcome to the club

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