How to Cook with Paprika

Remember the following

  1. Paprika is used for both it’s flavour and colour.
  2. Paprika releases its colour and flavour when heated.
  3. Use Spanish paprika, smoked or unsmoked, in any recipe calling for paprika.
  4. If a recipe specifies for Hungarian paprika then you should use Hungarian paprika.
  5. When using Paprika, its important to remember that it has a high sugar content and will therefore burn easily.
  6. In general, add it only when liquid ingredients are present and do not cook it over high heat for too long.
  7. The golden rule: take care not to burn the paprika otherwise it becomes bitter and unpleasant.

Tips on how to cook with paprika.

  1. Stir paprika into a little water and blend it smooth before adding to a sauce.
  2. Heat the oil, then lift the pan off the flame and then stir in the paprika, before incorporating other ingredients.
  3. Heat oil in a pan, very quickly stir in the paprika, and then add a broth or other liquid to reduce the temperature.
  4. If using paprika on barbecued food, add it during the last few minutes of grilling, so that it doesn’t burn.

Author: Liz

I love everything food: eating, cooking, baking and travelling. I also love photography and nature.

4 thoughts

  1. Paprika can add a depth to the dish, as well as flavor & color. If a dish “Needs a little something”, give it a couple dashes of paprika & see how it helps. The next time a dish calls for cayenne or a hot pepper, add some paprika to it as well. Of course hamburgers & mom’s macaroni salad with be bland with out paprika.

  2. Fun fact. When I cook with paprika, I often have nightmares, really nasty nightmares. Unless I go to sleep with really good thoughts and feelings, then I have very vivid good dreams.

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