What is Fodder Beet or Mangelwurzel?

The Sugarbeet,  Garden Beet,  Spinach Beet,  Swiss Chard and Fodder Beet (Mangel-wurzel) are all descendants of the wild beet, Beta vulgaris also known as Sea Beet.

Fodder beet is grown primarily for livestock feed. It is classified in the Fodder Beet Group also known as Crassa Group. It’s also known as mangold wurzelmangoldmangel beet, field beet.

Photo By MarkusHagenlocher (Own work)  GFDL ; Creative commons 

The large, white, yellow or orange-yellow swollen roots were developed in the 18th century as a fodder crop for feeding livestock. They are highly variable in size and shape.

Fodder beet is primarily used to feed cattle and pigs although the young immature roots and leaves can be eaten. The leaves can be lightly steamed for salads or lightly boiled as a vegetable. The roots can be boiled like potato and mashed,  or diced and  stewed in sweet curries.

Suggested Reading:

  1. PROTA4U: Beta vulgaris L.
  2. Wikipedia: Beetroot

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