Palmitic Acid

Coconut Oil myfavouritepastime.comPalmitic acid is the most common saturated fatty acid found in animals, plants and microorganisms.

It is one of the major fatty acids found in palm oil but is also naturally found in coconut oil, meats, cheeses, butter, and dairy products.

It’s also naturally found in cocoa butter, soya bean oil (soybean) and sunflower oil. Its chemical formula is (CH3(CH2)14COOH) or C16H32O2

  • In human beings, excess carbohydrates are converted to palmitic acid.
  • Palmitic acid is also a precursor to the longer fatty acid chains.
  • Palmitic acid is inexpensive and is used to add texture to processed foods.
  • It’s also used to produce cosmetics and detergents.

Author: Liz

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