What is Salsa Verde?

Salsa verde is Mexican green sauce made with tomatillos, green chilli (chile) peppers (Serrano, Jalapeño) and cilantro (fresh coriander leaves). Other ingredients like lime juice, onions and garlic may be added and it’s of course seasoned with salt. Salsa verde is a staple in every Mexican Kitchen.

The level of spiciness will vary depending on the type and amount of peppers added. There is no standard recipe. The word salsa verde means green sauce.

You cannot substitute green tomatoes for tomatillos and still call it Mexican Salsa verde because the taste will not be the same. Tomatillos have a tart and vibrant taste.

There are several other green sauces like Italian Salsa Verde.

How is it made?

The sauce can be cooked by simmering tomatillos, chillies and the other ingredients like onion and garlic, or roasting the peppers and tomatillos in the oven, or grilling the tomatillos and peppers under the broiler. The sauce can also be prepared from raw ingredients. Either way, the cilantro is never cooked.

The prepared ingredients are blended or ground using a pestle and mortar into a sauce. The blended ingredients can be cooked in oil in a pan and simmered for several minutes, before serving.

Cooking or roasting enhances flavour of the sauce, making it sweeter.

Here are some links to Salsa Verde Recipes:

  1. Mexican Food Journal Salsa Verde.
  2. Cooking Classy Salsa Verde.


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