What is Fougasse?

Fougasse is a type of simple flat bread that belongs to the same family as focaccia and originates from the region of Provence in France. It can be shaped like a leaf, tree or wheat stalk. Nowadays people make other fancy shapes.

The simplest type is  made from flour, salt, yeast and water and is crisp on the bottom, crunchy on the outside and tender and airy on the inside. It’s shaped like a leaf and is baked at a very high temperature and this gives the bread a pleasantly chewy texture.

The dough can also be mixed with chopped olive, lardons (bacon) or anchovies. It can also be sprinkled with herbs prior to baking. The best way to eat it is to dip it in olive oil and enjoy .

Bakeries don’t make a special dough for fougasse, rather, they use left over dough from  breads such as baguettes, ciabatta, or sourdough.

The second type is made like an Italian Focaccia, from flour salt, yeast, water and a considerable amount of olive oil. Once the dough is shaped, it’s brushed with olive oil. This type of fougasse can be topped with olive, cheese, anchovy paste, pork cracklings and even icing sugar.

Fougasse can be made from brown or white dough depending on personal taste.


Author: Liz

I love everything food: eating, cooking, baking and travelling. I also love photography and nature.

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