What is Chocolate Ganache?

This is a glaze, icing, sauce or filling made from chocolate and cream. The cream is heated then poured over chopped chocolate. The mixture is then stirred and blended until smooth and glossy. Butter can be added to give it a shiny appearance and essence or extracts like vanilla or liqueurs may be added to enhance flavour. The mixture is allowed to cool slightly then poured over a cake as a glaze.

If left to cool further, it thickens and can be spread over a cake. Please note that if it’s left to cool too much it might become un-spreadable.

If left to cool completely it can be whipped until it becomes light and fluffy and spread over cake or used as s filling.

The ratio of chocolate to cream is varied depending to the desired outcome. The ratio of one to one is commonly used to make a glaze and ratio of two parts chocolate to one part cream used for fillings or for making truffles.

How to Make Chocolate Ganache

There are many videos on you tube but I liked this one most because it gives a quick overview in 2 minutes. I’m not a fan of long videos. Enjoy watching!


Author: Liz

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