What is Whipping Cream?

What is Whipping Cream?

Whipping cream is a thick, pourable cream with 33-35 percent fat content. It can be used in cooking and for whipping. It often has stabilizers added, to increase its versatility and whipping properties. It is available in cartons and pre-sweetened in pressurized cans.

In cooking, it can be added to hot sauces with acidic ingredients such as wine, vinegar or tomatoes and can be simmered or boiled without the risk of curdling.

Whipping cream is the best for desserts such as mousses, pies, cakes and for frostings and toppings or fillings.

It can also be whipped and added to hot drinks like coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate and Irish Cream. Always ensure you do not over whip cream, otherwise it will become grainy and separate. Double cream can also be used for whipping.


Author: Liz

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