Capsicum frutescens L

African Birds Eye Chilli

Common Cultivars: Piri Piri, African Devil, African Birds Eye Chilli, Tabasco Pepper, Zambezi Pepper, Malaguetta Pepper, Kambuzi pepper, Malawian pepper, Thai pepper, Birds Eye Chilli, Pequin

Origin: not clear but thought to be from South America.

By USDA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Capsicum frutescens has very few cultivars but is the one used to make the world famous tabasco sauce.

The fruits or berries are very small compared to other peppers. A single plant can produce over 100 peppers. The shape is variable from lancelloid to ellipsoid to conical. Immature fruits are yellow turning red gradually with various shades of red in various stages of development. Mature ripe fruits are red.

Culinary Use

Ethiopians use this chilli extensively. It’s also used occasionally in Moroccan or Egyptian cuisine.

Commonly used in African cuisine to flavour food. It can be dried and crushed.

Birds eye chilli is also used as an ornamental due to its eye-catching display of peppers in different stages of development and in different shades of colours.

Author: Liz

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