What is Sweet Baby Pea?

Pisum sativum L.

Also known as Baby Sweet Pea, Petits Pois Sucreés (little sweet peas)

Sweet baby pea  is a cultivated variety of the fresh garden pea (Pisum sativum) grown for freezing and canning. It’s harvested when still immature and sweet. Below is a photo of sweet baby pea on the left and green peas on the right.

Sweet baby peas are smaller in size, sweeter in flavour and more tender, compared to the green peas. Both of them can be frozen or canned.

The green peas are larger in size and are starchier compared to the baby sweet pea.

Culinary Use of Sweet Baby Pea

Sweet baby peas are best used for making pea soup because their husks are more tender. If you make pea soup with the more starchier green peas you may need to sieve it.

Sweet baby pea is also great for salads because it’s sweeter and more tender than the larger green pea.

You can also use when making homemade baby food. It’s more tender for the baby.

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