What is Sea Salt?

Also called Bay Salt or Solar Salt.

The chemical name for salt is Sodium Chloride (NaCl). Salt contains sodium and chloride in equal proportions.

Coarse Sea Salt myfavouritepastime.com

Sea salt is produced by evaporation of natural sea water or water from saltwater lakes.

It’s more complex in flavour compared to table and kosher salt because it also contains trace minerals that occur naturally in the water from which it was collected.

Sea salts from different waters of the world taste different.

Sea salt grains have thin flaky layers that adhere to food and dissolve quickly. They can be purchased as fine grains or coarse crystals.

The health benefits of sea salt and normal table salt are the same. Iodine, is present in small amounts in sea salt compared to Iodised salt.

How much Sodium should you consume in a day?

Sodium is an essential nutrient found in salt and many foods. Our bodies need a small amount of sodium to be healthy. Canadians eat about 3400mg (3.4g) of sodium each day (about 1¼ teaspoon of salt). (Health Canada)

Heath canada recommends not more than 2300mg/day for adults 14-50; 1300mg/day for adults 51-70 and 1200mg/day for adults over 70. (2.3g/1.3g/1.2g) (Health Canada). The upper limit of 2300mg is equivalent to just about 5g (1 teaspoon) of salt per day.



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  1. Interesting to note that sea salt unless micro filtered before evaporation has been shown to contain micro plastics which have been washed in to the ocean. You should always buy from a supplier who micro filters.

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