Jonathan Apple

The ‘Jonathan’ apple was first discovered in 1826 as chance seedling on the farm of Philip Rick in Woodstock, New York, USA. It was named Jonathan by Jesse Buel, president of the Albany Horticulture Society. (Speciality produce)

It is closely related to the ‘Esopus Spitzenburg’ apple, (wiki) and is a parent to J’onamac’, ‘Jonafree’ and ‘Jonagold’ apple varieties.

In the USA, Jonathan is available in the East and Midwest.

Characteristics of Jonathan Apples 

Photo Courtesy of Sven Teschke [Creative Commons 2.0]
It has a thin, smooth and tough deep red skin with yellow to green undertones.

The apple size is small to medium.

The flesh is fine textured, very juicy and firm, and creamy yellow in colour. It has a crisp bite.

The flavour is sweet with a hint of tartness and subtle hints of spice.

Culinary Use of Jonathan Apples 

Jonathan apple is great for eating fresh, cooking or baking in pies and making apple sauce.

It’s not a good choice for baking whole because it loses its shape. On the other hand, diced  Jonathan will add sweetness and moisture to cakes, crisps and bread puddings. It can also be slow cooked to make sauces or caramelized apples.

Since it’s juicy, it’s excellent for juice and cider.

Availability of Jonathan Apples

September to spring.

Storage of Jonathan Apples 

Store the apples in the refrigerator crisper at 1-4ºC (34-39ºF) for several weeks. According to speciality produce they are best eaten by Christmas.  (Speciality produce)

Apple Varieties

There are almost seven thousand five hundred cultivated varieties of apples worldwide and the USA alone, has two thousand five hundred. (The Wellness Encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition) Last Updated: October, 26 2018

Author: Liz

I love everything food: eating, cooking, baking and travelling. I also love photography and nature.

5 thoughts

  1. This post reminded my of our orchard in New Hampshire where we had over 300 varieties of apples…Jonathan, Esopus Spitzenburg, Jonamac and Jonagold being some of them. 😀

    1. “You had” what happened to it? I would love to live in an orchard and eat lots of apples a day. I love making apple pie or tart. It’s my most favourite dessert. I made one yesterday and I’m just finishing the last slice. Mmm so good!

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