Citrus junos 

Yuzu is a citrus fruit that grows wild in central China and Tibet. It is believed to be a hybrid of sour mandarin and Ichang papeda.

The fruits are harvested from a small, frost hardy tree with highly scented leaves. Yuzu was introduced to Japan and Korea where it’s now widely cultivated. It’s very popular in Japanese cuisine.

Photo Courtesy 경빈마마 Wikimedia Commons

The fruit is very seedy and has an uneven skin. It’s is usually green, ripening yellow to orange. The fruit size varies but can grow up to 10 cm in diameter. The fresh fruit is not easy to find in North America and the juice in mainly sold, bottled.

The juice has a pleasantly tart flavour and a fragrant aroma with a very distinct taste. It’s increasingly being used by international Chefs to flavour and colour foods like fish, vegetables, noodles, salad dressings, sauces, desserts and even cocktails.

It’s also used to make the citrus-based sauce, ponzu, spice paste, yuzu kosho, yuzu vinegar and to flavour soft drinks, ciders, snacks like doritos and chewing gum.

Yuzu can also be found in dried powdered form, which is tangy and sweet and is mainly used in desserts. The powder is made from dehydrated yuzu rind.

Nutritional Value

It has more vitamin C than lemon and is also high in calcium and potassium.

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