What is White Rice Flour?

Also known as white rice powder

White Rice flour is made from finely milled white polished rice. Brown rice flour can be made from finely milled brown rice.

White Rice flour has about 80% starch and about 7% protein and is not a good source of fibre.

Nutrition Facts for Rice Flour

100g (3.5oz) white rice flour provides 360 calories and contains the following:

  • Fat: 1g (saturated 0.2g, trans, 0)
  • Cholesterol: 0g
  • Sodium: 10mg
  • Carbohydrate: 80g (sugar 0g, Fibre 1g);
  • Protein: 7g;

Recommended Daily Allowance. (RDA)

  • Minerals: Iron 4% and Calcium (0%);
  • Vitamins: A and C ( 0%)

Source: (Bulk Barn)

Rice flour can be used for the following:

Rice flour is gluten free and can be used for baking cakes, cookies, short cakes, pie crusts or muffins. It is definitely not ideal for making bread dough, which needs gluten in order to rise and form the ideal bread texture.

In order to obtain good results you should mix ¾ cup rice flour with ¼ cup cornstarch (cornflour-UK) or 2/3 cup rice flour and 1/3 cup potato starch.(Bulk Barn)

It can be used for making rice cakes, desserts, rice pancakes, dosa (South Indian), dumplings and various Indian sweets.

It’s used a thickening agent in many cuisines for thickening sauces, soups, desserts and puddings. It is especially ideal for thickening foods that will be frozen or kept in the fridge. The thickened sauce or dessert does not separate after thawing.

Commercially, rice flour can be used for making noodles, confectionary and desserts.


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