What are Blanched Sliced Almonds?

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Blanched Sliced almonds are shelled, blanched and sliced almond seeds (nuts) that are used in baking or in salads, crumbles, stir-fries or as a garnish in both savoury and sweet foods.

Almonds are the edible seeds extracted from the fruit of the species Prunus dulcis.The fruit is botanically known as a drupe.

Photo By antcaesar [CC BY-SA 2.0]
The almond fruit has one seed enclosed in a hard shell. The almond nut must be removed from this shell and the process is called shelling.

The other example of a drupe is the mango fruit that also has one large seed enclosed in a hard shell (stone). Unfortunately the mango seed is not edible.

To make sliced almonds, whole almond seeds are first blanched by soaking in hot water. This softens the seed coat, which is easily removed. The whole seeds are then sliced.


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