What is a Château?

According to French law, a château is a house attached to a vineyard having a specific number of acres, as well as winemaking and wine storage facilities on the property. A château could be a mansion or castle on a large estate, but it could also be a modest home with a two-car garage.

What is Château wine?

A wine produced and bottled in a Château is called a Château wine. A wine may not be called a château wine unless it meets the above criteria. This label here shows a 2014 Bordeaux Wine from Chateau Courteillac.

There are thousands of Châteaux in France and it’s virtually impossible to remember all their names. The terms Domaine, clos and cru are also used to refer to château wine.

Châteaux wines are usually considered the best-quality wines from Bordeaux. They are the most expensive and the best-known Grand Cru Classé command the highest wine prices in the world.

In October 2013, the world’s most expensive red wine bottle was on display in Dubai. The 12-litre bottle of Château Margaux 2009 had a £122,380 price tag. The wine was produced at the Château Margaux vineyard in the Médoc region of France, just north of Bordeaux.


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