What is Pinto Bean?

Phaseolus vulgaris L.

The word “pinto” means painted in Spanish. Pinto Beans get their name from their mottled beige and brown skin. (Michigan Bean)

Common names: frijol pinto (Spanish=speckled bean); poroto frutilla (S. America = strawberry bean); feijão carioca (Portuguese).

Pinto bean is a cultivated variety of the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). It is the most popular bean in the United States and northwestern Mexico (Wiki)

Pinto Beans

What does it look like?

The bean is reddish tan to beige in colour and mottled with brown flecks.

Pinto Varieties

Pinto bean varieties include: ‘Burke’, ‘Hidatsa’, ‘Maverick’, ‘Othello’, and ‘Sierra’. (Wiki)

Culinary Use

Pinto bean has an earthy flavour and a mealy texture. The mottled skin fades to pink when cooked. It cooks in 45-60 minutes.

It’s  staple in the diets of Mexico and the American Southwest. It’s also very popular in East Africa. It can be used fresh or canned.

It’s eaten whole in broth or mashed and refried. The refried beans are a common filling for burritos.

It can be substituted for kidney beans in chilli and is be used in dips.


100g (3.5oz) cooked, salted pinto beans provides the following. Calories 143; Carbohydrates 26.22g (of which 0.34g sugar, 9g dietary fibre); Protein 9.01g;

And the following RDA for Vitamin B1 Thiamin 17%; Vitamin B6 18%; Folate 43%;
Minerals: Iron 16%; Magnesium 14%; Phosphorus (21%) and Sodium 16%. (Wiki)

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