What is Pitta Bread?

Also known as Pita Bread

Pitta (Pita) bread is a soft slightly leavened flatbread made from white or whole wheat flour. The bread puffs up during baking to form a hollow pocket that can be filled with various fillings to make a type of ‘Sandwich.

The bread is proofed for a very short time (about 15 minutes) and then baked at high temperature of about 450-500ºF (230-260ºC). The high temperature turns the water in the dough into steam and this causes the pitta to puff up and form a hollow pocket. Pitta bread can also be baked without a pocket and this is called “Pocket-less-Pitta

Pitta can be made commercially or at home. Commercial made pittas are baked at much higher temperatures of 800-900ºF (420-490ºC). This takes about a minute and thousands of Pitta breads can be made in a day.

What is pitta bread used for

The bread, especially the pocketless ones can be cut into little triangles and baked into Pitta chips.

The bread can be used to scoop dips and salsas.

Gilabrand at en.wikipedia [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The pocket can be filled with virtually anything you can think of from meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and pulses (beans/lentils, chickpeas).

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