Lady Alice Apple

Malus domestica

Lady Alice Apple

‘Lady Alice®’ was discovered in 1979 in an orchard near Gleed, Washington State, as a chance seedling.

It’s a registered trademark by Rainier Fruit Company and is named after Alice Zirkie, a co-founder of the company (Wiki).

The colour is striking. it’s stripped reddishpink on an orange-yellowish green background.

The flesh is crisp, firm and dense with a rich heirloom-like complex and sweet flavour with a hint of tartness.

Culinary Use of Lady Alice Apples

It’s an all-purpose apple suitable for fresh eating as a snack as well as cooking and baking.

Notable Characteristics of Lady Alice Apples

It does not brown easily when cut so is excellent for salads.
It holds shape and texture when baked at high temperatures. So is great for baking.

Availability of Lady Alice Apples

Lady Alice apples are harvested in fall, and are available, February-May and at its best in March when it has the richest and complex of flavours.

How to Store Lady Alice Apples

The apple stores well in the fridge crisper in a polythene bag. Its flavour improves with age, reaching its peak in March

How many apple varieties are there?

There are almost seven thousand five hundred cultivated varieties of apples worldwide and the USA alone, has two thousand five hundred. (The Wellness Encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition) Last Updated: October 26, 2018

Author: Liz

I love everything food: eating, cooking, baking and travelling. I also love photography and nature.

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