Shopping Tips for Broccoli

How to Buy Broccoli

How to Buy Broccoli
  • Fresh broccoli is best consumed when still young because as broccoli matures, sugar is converted into a fibre called lignin. Lignin is found in woody stems and cannot be softened by cooking.
  • Don’t buy over-matured broccoli because it will be tough, woody, with a strong cabbagy odour.
  • The stalks attached to florets should be slender and crisp with a clean snap.
  • The leaves should not appear wilted or show signs of turning yellow.
  • The florets should be tightly closed and uniformly green. Yellowing florets are a bad sign.
  • Look for dark green, purplish or bluish florets because they have more beta carotene and vitamin C than paler florets.
  • Avoid broccoli with slippery spots on the florets or with brown or slimy stalk bottoms.
  • Avoid buying broccoli with a very strong smell. This suggests it has been lying there for too long.
  • After buying the broccoli don’t store it for too long because it will develop lignin and become woody and unpleasant.
  • A bunch of 800g-1kg (1½-2Ib) yields about 500g (1Ib) florets when trimmed.

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  1. I like that the stalks can be cut in strips and added to salads and the stalks can be cut in cross section and boiled or steamed and eaten too.

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