What is Anasazi Bean?

Phaseolus vulgaris L.

Anasazi beans are purple and white kidney shaped beans that were one of the few crops cultivated by the Anasazi Indians, who lived in the four corners area (now Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico) dating back to 130 A.D . The beans are presently grown at 7,000 ft. elevation on the same area the Anasazi inhabited. (Adobe Milling)

Ansazis are related to the pinto bean but have 75% less of the gas-causing carbohydrates, comparatively.

Nutrition of Anasazi Bean

Like all beans they have protein, fibre and starch as well as potassium, iron and folate.

Anasazis are sweeter, with a soft mealy texture, and turn pink when cooked.

They are most commonly used in Latin, Mexican and Southwestern cuisine in refried beans, chilis and hearty stews.


Here is Anasazi Beans Before and After Cooking

Once you soak them, they cook in 30-35 minutes and have a sweetish taste.

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Author: Liz

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  1. It’s really hard for me to tell the difference among the varieties of beans, but I keep a variety of about half a dozen on hand all the time. There is always a box of cooked beans in the refrigerator and one in the freezer. It is quick to do up a pan of rice to add to the beans to round out an otherwise skimpy meal. I just rotate among black, white, and red beans, so it always seems like an appealing part of the meal. I have several pounds of Anasazi, but they have drifted to the bottom of the container. I should resurrect them – today! ;-> Thanks for the reminder.

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Oh I also love beans. I eat them at least three times a week, with rice, mostly or flat bread like naan or chapati. Sometimes I also eat them with pasta-not bad. The only problem-my kids don’t like beans. So the pot of beans is usually mine for the taking!!! Enjoy Anasazi beans!
      Virtual Hugs my friend

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