What is Désirée Potato?

Photo Courtesy of Nickmurdoch Wikimedia Commons

Désirée is a potato culitvar originally bred in the Netherlands in 1962.The tuber shape is oval and long, skin colour red, smoothness of skin medium. It has a light yellow flesh with a distinctive buttery flavour. It’s also highly resistant to drought.

The potato is fairly waxy and firm, and holds shape so can be used for roasting to mashing. Désirée is excellent for salads, because it hold shape well after boiling.

Author: Liz

I love everything food: eating, cooking, baking and travelling. I also love photography and nature.

2 thoughts

  1. Oh my goodness Liz, it’s been ages since I’ve responded to your posts. I’ve had so much trouble with my laptop but hopefully it’s back to rights. I just cannot access my wordpress account on ipads to leave a message for some reason. Anyway, I have been reading your posts and delighting in the variety of foods and processes. Can you believe it is September? I do not know where summer went but I’ve sure enjoyed it. How about you? I also did not know about this variety of potato. I must look for it next spring. I hope you had a nice relaxing summer? Today it is raining here (well sprinkling would be a better word) This is the first time since June sometime. It has been so hot and dry and as a consequence, al the forest fires burning in the province. I think maybe your part of the country is having a fair share of rain? Have yourself a great weekend Liz. I’m really getting into photography, hiking and posting to Instagram. Loving it.

    1. Hi there Sandy,
      Sorry I took some time off from blogging but I kept on wondering where you went. I can’t believe we are in September. Am freaking out, thinking about winter, snow, shovelling etc. Why does the year pass so quickly? when I was younger a year took forever and we always looked forward to Christmas. We counted down days from 364 until Christmas day arrived. Summer was good. Not much heat (good for me) and now the beautiful trees around will soon be naked except for the conifers. It hasn’t rained in a while. I have always wanted to learn “PROPER PHOTOGRAPHY” because I still just point and shoot. I have to make an effort to learn more and buy myself a DSLR camera whatever that means ha ha! Have a lovely day Sandy. I am not yet on Instagram but if you give me your link I shall not mind browsing through your photos. Have fun.

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