Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie

With crème brûlée Ice Cream

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6568

As I mentioned before, the scale tipped and now it’s time to post some desserts. A change is always as good as a rest. However, I have a love-hate relationship with desserts. I absolutely love eating them but I hate brooding over how much I ingested, later on. How can I balance the two and just enjoy the dessert?

Featured Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6192_2

It’s time to shift more attention to rhubarb. I decided to add some apples and pears to enhance the taste of pie. The end result was delightful. I served the pie with crème brûlée ice cream, also known Crema Catalana, Burnt Cream or Trinity cream. I even sprinkled some chocolate sprinkles, on top. The dessert was rich and decadent, and for the first time, I didn’t think about calories. I just sat back and enjoyed.

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6196

The pie is very easy to make once all ingredients are assembled. The apples should be chopped just before use to avoid discolouring. If you ever try this dessert, just sit back and enjoy it. Don’t think about the calories. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!!

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie

Preparation time: 30 minutes + 30 minutes standing time; Baking time: 45-55 minutes; Makes: 9-inch (23cm Pie)

Ingredients for Shortcrust Pastry

  • 315g (2½ cups) all-purpose (plain) flour
  • 1½ teaspoons baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 150g (10 tbsp, ½ cup + 2tbsp,  cold butter, cubed
  • 1 egg separated (keep the egg white)
  • ⅓ cup water, approximately (I added ⅓ cup + 1 tbsp) 1 tbsp =15ml

Ingredients for Pie Filling

  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 250g apples, peeled, cored and sliced 260g (2 medium apples)
  • 250g pears, peeled, cored and sliced 260g (2 medium pears)
  • 100g (½ cup) sugar (taste for sweetness)
  • 250g (9oz) rhubarb, sliced
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch (cornflour-UK)
  • 45ml (3 tablespoons) water


  1. Preheat the oven to 425°F (225ºC) ten minutes before using. You will need a 9-inch (23cm) Pie dish. Place the pie on a baking sheet, before putting in the oven. It’s much easier to handle that way.
  2. Make the pastry: sift the flour and baking powder into a large bowl. Rub in butter. Make a well in the centre, stir in egg yolk, and enough water to make ingredients cling together. Knead gently on a lightly floured surface until smooth. Cover and refrigerate 30 minutes.
  3. Make the Filling: melt the butter in a large frying pan. Add the apples, pears and sugar and cook for 2-3 minutes over low heat. Add the rhubarb and cinnamon and cook for a further 2-3 minutes until the fruits are just starting to soften. Blend the 2 tablespoons cornstarch (cornflour) with the three tablespoons water and add to the pie filling. Stir until it thickens and boils. Remove from heat and set aside to cool.
  4. Roll out ⅔ of the pastry and use to line the base of the pie dish. Trim the edge. Spoon the filling into the prepared dish and brush the edge with the egg white.
  5. Roll out the remaining pastry into a circle large enough to cover the top of the pie dish. Place on top and press edges together gently. Pinch a frill at the edge.
  6. Bake at  425°F (225ºC) for 20 minutes, then reduce to 400°F (200°F) and bake for a further 30-35 minutes or until pastry is golden brown.
  7. For cup measures: spoon the flour into the cup, heaping it up over the top, then slide a knife across the top to level off the extra. Be careful not to shake or tap the cup to settle down the flour or you will have more than you need. I use a 240ml American cup.

Points to note:

  1. Please note that oven temperatures are given as a guideline only. You may need to add or reduce the suggested temperature depending on your oven I baked at 425°F (220°C) for 20 minutes and reduced to 400°F (200°C) for 25 minutes. If you want it more browned and crunchy, let it bake for a further 5-10 minutes.
  2. I covered the edges with foil paper for the first 30 minutes to avoid over-browning.
  3. Last Updated: June, 09, 2019


Step By Step Photos

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6513

Please, always assemble all ingredients before you start.

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6514

Sift the flour, baking powder and salt into a large bowl

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6516

Rub in butter.

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6519

Until the mixture resemble fine breadcrumbs then make a well in the centre, stir in egg yolk, and enough water to make ingredients cling together.

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6522

form into a dough

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6524

Knead gently on a lightly floured surface until smooth (this is the final pastry). Cover and refrigerate 30 minutes.

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6525

Ingredients for pie filling.

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6528

Melt the butter in a large frying pan.

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6532

Add the apples, pears, and sugar

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6534

and cook for 2-3 minutes over low heat.

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6535

Add the rhubarb and cinnamon

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6539

and cook for a further 2-3 minutes until the fruits are just starting to soften.

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6541

Blend 2 tablespoons cornstarch (cornflour) with the three tablespoons water and add to the pie mixture,

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6545

stir until it thickens and boils. Remove from heat and set aside to cool.

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6547

Roll out ⅔ of the pastry

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6549

and use to line a 23cm pie dish. (I used pie dish size 9⅝ x 1⅜ (24.4cm x 3.5cm)

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6551

 Trim the edge. Spoon filling into dish, brush edges with egg white.

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6555

Roll out the remaining pastry large enough to cover the filling, press edges together gently. Pinch a frill at the edge. Decorate if you want. I used rhubarbs but you can’t really eat them after, they’ll be too dry.

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6559

Bake at 425°F for 20 minutes, reduce to 400°F (200°F) and bake for a further 30-35 minutes or until pastry is golden brown. I covered the edges with foil paper for the first 30 minutes to avoid over-browning.

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6164

Remove from oven, let cool slightly before serving.

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6571

You can eat the pie plain if you’re watching your weight

Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie myfavouritepastime.com_6193

I am watching my weight but I could not resist a scoop of crème brûlée ice cream. I even sprinkled some chocolate sprinkles!

We thoroughly enjoyed eating this pie and the ice cream gave an added flavour!

myfavouritepastime.com Last Updated: June, 09, 2019

Author: Liz

I love everything food: eating, cooking, baking and travelling. I also love photography and nature.

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  1. Been missing you fabulous recipes and stories, but at least that made me look back at some of your older recipes and discovering this beauty!

    1. Hi Afra,
      Oh yes I took a long break but now I’m back. Thanks for missing my ‘fabulous recipes’ and stories. You make me feel very special indeed. I wish you a happy weekend!

    1. […] posted a Rhubarb Apple Pear Pie recipe in July and got a few comments from readers who were scared of eating rhubarb. Are you […]

    1. Ha ha, some people fear eating rhubarb. Others like me, just gorge everything and then even plan when to eat the next rhubarb pie. Thank you for complimenting. I enjoyed eating the pie. Wish you a wonderful Sunday.

  2. The pue looks amazing, very appetizing & a lovely filling too, lots of real flavours here! can we get the recipe for the brûlée ice-cream recipe, please, Liz? Thanks! 🙂 It all looks smashing!

    1. It tasted amazing too. I enjoyed eating it. I didn’t make the brûlée ice-cream, I just bought it. But one of these fine days, I might just venture into making some nice homemade one. Thanks for complimenting and enjoy your weekend!

    1. Rhubarb stems are fine. I have been eating them for years and still having this conversation with you. I am a botanist anyway and I love plants of all forms and sizes.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog and I wish you a very wonderful week. Please don’t worry about Rhubarb and If you don’t really like it just skip it!

    1. You should try cooking with rhubarb, I assure you, you won’t regret it. I shall be posting some rhubarb muffins too! Have a lovely day!

  3. Liz, I like the way your blog site works, the photo of the days recipe appearing at the top and then you scroll down to that same photo and the recipe. Really nicely done. Rhubarb is one of those fruits that grows abundantly here on our coast and I can’t wait for it in the spring. The fact you have combined it with pears and apples is awesome! See, there I am still trapped in that box! I really must try this. And…one dollop of that luscious ice cream just adds that elegant finish to the plate so no calories allowed! (Just means walking an extra bit in the evening) Thank you for posting this – you sure must have a great repertoire of recipes. What kind of camera do you use to take the photos, they are so beautifully clear and colourful? It’s morning here still so I will say, top of the morning to you!

    1. It’s precisely one o’clock for me. I think we are three hours ahead of you. I have been buying mine at food basic. I find it a bit tangy so I wanted to soften the taste by adding apples and bland pears. It worked very well and we enjoyed. I didn’t complain about calories, I just shut up and ate in silence and the children were told “shh…mommy is eating”
      I use a Canon point and shoot camera, but I take time to get it right. (Canon SD 1300 iso).
      I have just had wholemeal apple scones with cinnamon, fresh from the oven with butter oozing on top. I will certainly continue adding weight, at this rate!!! Thanks, Sandy, have a wonderful day!

  4. Apple pear rhubarb. Love it. Seems like the craze is strawberry rhubarb. This sounds like a better combination…to me. I really like how your decorated the top. Nice to see a pie get the same decorative attention cake does! 🙂

    1. I have just been commenting on your cool summer borscht. I think we wrote these messages at the same time.
      Strawberry-rhubarb is also a great combination, both red, both tangy. I just wanted to tone down the rhubarb taste and was happy with the result.
      Thanks so much for being here so many times. I really appreciate your presence and comments. Wish you a lovely day!!

    1. I am totally one of those people who is not scared of using rhubarb, because the stems are safe. I have been making cakes, pies and muffins with rhubarb since the season began and i have totally enjoyed eating all those things. I shall be posting the muffins as well, very soon. I think many people enjoy rhubarb, like me and all the friends around me.
      You should try it. You never know what you’re missing until you try! have a lovely day!

  5. I love that you made a rhubarb pie. It’s is such a taste sensation. I have friends who are absolutely scared of it. One of the things I particularly like is that the rhubarb garnish maintained its deep ruby red. Did you dunk it in any sugar before garnishing?

    1. Nope. I didn’t dunk it in sugar, just cut the stems and placed them on top. It was an experiment and I was pleasantly surprised they maintained the colour.
      I wonder why your friends are scared of rhubarb. is it because the leaves have oxalic acid and other poisonous substances? I don’t think about that, when I use it. There many plants with edible fruits (when ripe) but the rest of the plant is absolutely poisonous. As long as one knows the part to avoid, I think it’s okay.
      Thanks and have a very wonderful week!

    2. Janet I tried to leave you this message below on your blog using my facebook account but it didn’t work either. Please read it and act accordingly. Thanks.
      I wish your comment form could give the option of filling in e-mails we want to use.
      Is it possible to make the comment form have a drop down list with options for e-mail, name and website? I would like to comment using a method I find most convenient. Check out the drop down list am talking about on my blog (myfavouritepastime.com), by clicking on this comment form.
      Thanks for understanding. I used my facebook account but it’s cumbersome-the facebook didn’t work either!

      1. Let me see what I can do. Hopefully I am understanding the challenge. If not, I’ll ask more questions.

        1. Thank God you saw the message,
          When you click on the comment form, it should give that drop down list with options for email, name and website. Mine does that and so do other blogs! I really want to be part of your conversation. Thanks for understanding!

        2. I think messages on that form go to your e-mail box if I am not wrong. I have just typed a message but it was submitted probably to your inbox? I don’t know.
          Oh god I hate to give you so much trouble.

        3. Well, it’s a learning curve. 😉 I just went through admin and I cannot currently see a way to add commenter’s email to the form. More research. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Maybe I’ll figure out how to make the change. Or not. LOL!

        4. Ok, well this is what I can do, which is on each post I can embed the contact form above the space for comments on the bottom. The contact form allows for private conversation, where the general comments is for everyone to see once I’ve moderated.

          Take a look at this post so that you can see what I mean. Otherwise I am at a loss how to get an email. Oddly, I’ve had a couple of people email me from posts. I couldn’t figure out how they did it.


        5. I think you should not embed it there coz peoples comments will go to your private e-mail and that not good. Thanks for trying and have a lovely day!

        6. No worries. It was the only answer I could come up with. I appreciate you trying to be so helpful. You have a great day as well. 😀

        7. I’m contacting someone right now who posts, but doesn’t have a wordpress account. She’ll describe the process.

        8. LIZ!!!! Thanks to you it’s fixed. Now anyone should be able to comment. You are a genius! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

          Have a great rest of the week


      2. I wonder, Liz, if the problem is with my account being in the US. Probably not. I am looking at your comment form here, on this page, and I do not see anything that says anything about entering my email…..BTW your message where you entered you email went to my private email.

        Feel free to trash these messages, because they are obviously not contributing to the conversation that is your brilliant Rhubarb pie.

        1. In that case do not add that form as suggested because peoples comments will go to your private e-mail and that’s not useful for you. Please just remove it. I will ask a few blogger friends. Sorry for causing so much trouble for you.

  6. This does look great. I love a good pie, especially with pears and apples! I try not to worry about eating dessert, just plan the rest of the day’s food around it. I am also picky, if I am going splurge on sweets it better be fabulous. No store bought junk for me.

    1. Haha I love your attitude but most of all I love the idea of planning food for the day and leaving a big slot for the dessert (that makes sense) and sitting back to enjoy the dessert. I shall do some planning too, next time. This way I can eat desserts more frequently.
      Ever since I started making my own pancakes, I said good bye to “Aunt Jemima” I don’t miss those boxed mixtures anymore. No more store junk with additives!!!

  7. I have the same love hate relationship with sweets. I don’t make many desserts because I never really want to know how much sugar goes into the things I love to eat. This is why I love posts like this one, pleasure with no guilt. Keep them coming!

    1. I agree with you totally.
      The day I decide to eat dessert, I do it without looking back. I think it’s better to do it that way as long as it doesn’t become a habit. Thanks for visiting me, Enjoy the rest of the week!

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