Peanut Butter Cookies

For Peanut Butter Lovers…

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_5809Today was another great day, with excellent weather. As I mentioned yesterday, I was planning to pull out the weeds from my lawn but as soon as I woke up, I started procrastinating, as usual. Are there any procrastinators, out there, like me? I think I’m the ultimate procrastinator. If there was a contest on procrastination, I would easily win, without doubt.

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_5806I really meant to mow the lawn and remove the weeds but then it started raining and good old rain was met with a deep sigh of relief. Oh how I love it when the rain stops me from doing what I didn’t want to do anyway, and it’s always nice to know the blame can be shifted elsewhere. What about you? What have you been up to? I’m sure most of you are enjoying summer holidays. There are so many people I haven’t seen for sometime, but I’m not worried because I know they are having a good time.

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_5782_2Today I want to share a simple recipe for Peanut Butter Cookies. If you have that jar of peanut butter that has been sitting around too long, then this is your chance to transform it into a delicacy. My cookies were gone within a few days. I really enjoyed eating them. If you are a peanut lover, like me, then am pretty sure you’ll love these cookies. Now for the recipe…

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_2586Please, always remember to assemble all ingredients, before you begin.

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_2588Sift the flour and baking soda (bicarbonate of soda),

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_2591Combine melted butter, brown and granulated sugars, peanut butter, egg and vanilla essence in bowl

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_2594Stir briefly to combine

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_2595Then beat until well blended, with an electric mixer on medium speed.

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_2597Add sifted flour to butter mixture and mix on low speed or stir with a wooden spoon until combined,

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_2601Into a soft dough

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_2605Cover and refrigerate until firm, about 2 hours.

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_2926Using dampened hands, shape dough into 1inch balls. Place 2 inches (5cm apart) on prepared baking sheets. Dip a fork into flour and lightly press on each ball to flatten lightly. Bake at 350°F (175°F) for 12-15 minutes. I baked at 350°F (175°F) for 15 minutes.

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_2965Transfer on a wire rack to cool

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_5808Decorate with melted and slightly cooled chocolate

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_5807Serve or place in air tight container

Peanut Butter Cookies myfavouritepastime.com_5795If you love peanut butte, you’ll love these cookies. They are great for snacking.

Peanut Butter Cookies

original recipe from William Sonoma’s Cookies


  • 125g (½ cup, 4½oz ) butter melted
  • 105g (½ cup, 4oz) firmly packed light brown sugar
  • 125g (½ cup, 4½oz) sugar
  • 315g (1 cup, 11oz) creamy peanut butter
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence (extract)
  • 225g (1¾ cup, 8oz ) all-purpose (plain) flour
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)
  • 90g (3½oz) semisweet plain chocolate, melted and slightly cooled (for decorating on top)


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F (175°F). Beat melted butter, brown and granulated sugars, peanut butter, egg and vanilla essence until well blended, with an electric mixer on medium speed.
  2. Sift the flour and baking soda (bicarbonate of soda), Add flour mixture to butter mixture and mix on low speed or stir with a wooden spoon until combined, Cover and refrigerate until firm, about 2 hours.
  3. Using dampened hands, shape dough into 1inch balls. Place 2 inches (5cm apart) on prepared baking sheets. Dip a fork into flour and lightly press on each ball to flatten lightly.
  4. Bake until the bottoms are golden brown, 12-15 minutes. Cool briefly on baking sheet then transfer to wire rack to cool. Pipe with melted and slightly cooled chocolate.
  5. **I weigh the flour and butter, I do not use cup measures as the weight of a cup of flour tends to vary based on individual interpretation and size of cup, (from 125g to 130g to 155g per cup.)
  6. Cup measures based on assumption that 1 cup = 125g flour so that would be the US cup of 237ml, not the Australian Cup.

Points to note:

  • Please note that oven temperatures are given as a guideline only. You may need to add or reduce the suggested temperature depending on your oven. I baked at 350°F (175°C) for 15 minutes.
  • I always weigh ingredients, especially the flour and butter. You can use cup measures, but please note if you scoop flour directly from the bag you will end up with 150-185 g of flour instead of the recommended 125g. I suggest you spoon the flour into the cup, heaping it up over the top, then slide a knife across the top to level off the extra. Be careful not to shake or tap the cup to settle down the flour or you will have more than you need. You can also sift the flour first then scoop. Best advice: use a weighing scale, you’ll get the best results. 

Author: Liz

I love everything food: eating, cooking, baking and travelling. I also love photography and nature.

71 thoughts

  1. I was looking through your recipe index when I saw these. They look and sound delicious, and so simple too. It wouldn’t be a problem if I used crunchy peanut butter, would it?

    1. Hi Lignum,
      Crunchy peanut butter should be okay too. I really enjoyed munching the cookies, slowly but surely. When the tin was finally empty…I was so sad. I think I should bake them again. Have a fabulous week!

    1. Thanks. I have a big jar of roasted and salted peanuts next to me right now. I doubt that it will see the end of the day. I am a NUT freak. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Haha, I am an unbelievable procrastinator! When I have something I have to do, I miraculously find a million other things I would rather be doing! Pretty sure most people have the tendency to do so but I am absolutely terrible at controlling it! Love the recipe and others on your blog! Will definitely be giving them a try! 🙂

    1. Hello there fellow procrastinator,
      You have described me in that paragraph so you can imagine how close we are, habit wise.
      I wonder what the world would become if all the procrastinators stopped procrastinating. Would it be a better or more competitive world?
      Thanks for visiting me. Thanks for the many likes too!!! I wish you a wonderful day!!!

  3. I’m not so much into peanut butter but I got a handful of crew who’s a real sucker when it comes to peanut butter, I’ll put your this recipé in my todo list. Please let me inform if you know any contest about PROCASTINATING, I know I stand a chance 😉 I should be finishing one of my post about mini cinnamon rolls which is posted for more than 2weeks now, but Im here checking on post of other WordPresser and commenting on your site… Anyway thanks for sharing your cookies 😉

    1. Hi there fellow procrastinator!
      I love other procrastinators (I don’t love the habit of procrastination, I wish I could shed it off). But because there are many others, out there, procrastinating, it makes me “feel normal”, coz I’m not alone!
      The cookies are very nice. You should try them one day, if you can. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for having a conversation with a fellow procrastinator (I bet I could win that contest!).
      Now please sit down for a few minutes, and finish that mini cinnamon roll post (I saw some cinnamon rolls on your site?). Thanks and wish you a very pleasant week!

        1. Thank God you finished the post…congratulations. I will gladly look at it and even eat one of the rolls (if only that were possible).
          Omg is the week over already? you have a pleasant weekend too!!!

    1. There is nothing better than this, I loved it and still dream of it!!! thanks for being here. Wish you a wonderful week!

    1. I bet your “to bake list” is as long as mine. Probably several Km long. We shall get there, one day. Thanks and have a wonderful week!

  4. That jar of peanut butter never sits around for long in my house! We’re ultra peanut butter obsessed here… 🙂 I love how easy this is; thanks for sharing and have a great week!

    1. Ha ha that means I can blend into your house without a problem. I love peanut butter, too. I am one of those people who just scoops and eat the peanut butter and when that starts, I’m afraid I can’t stop. Thanks. Have a great week too!

  5. I sure had a good giggle at your post about being a procrastinator. Go to any large group and ask for a show of hands if “you” are a procrastinator! Probably all but a few would wave their arms in the air! Those who didn’t were probably too embarrassed to admit it! LOL – I used to be one of those “do it now” sort of people, but since I’ve added a few years onto my life I have become more and more a “putter off” person! Hmmm, sounds like Harry Potter that word! I love the analogy of setting a get well card on your mantle or coffee table so that when visitors arrive they will think you have been ill when they look at the dust on everything in your house. 😉
    Oh, you were talking about peanut butter cookies, they are one food choice I could live on if I had to. I mean they must be vegetable based, the peanuts grow in the ground! I love them and your photos just do them such justice as usual. I, like one of your previous commenters never thought to put chocolate on them. Why can’t I think outside the box? I think I fell into it and someone nailed it shut!!! Anyway, the cookies look luscious and now I must be off to seek out that jar of peanut butter……..

    1. Omg Sandly, what would I ever do without you? You always make me smile but today you made me laugh so much I was even tearing…I love that analogy of get well soon cards on the table. What a brilliant idea for “putter offs” like you and me. I’m going to make a trip to dollarama and buy and bunch of get well soon cards, keep them handy in a drawer in my living room. My whole household cracked up on this one and I’m still laughing this morning!!!
      Thinking outside the box and cooking sometimes doesn’t go together. The other day I tried to change a recipe because I felt “why do we always have to do the same thing” I added some fresh strawberries in a Jam Roly Poly and it was a great mess. It oozed out all over the place. Took me hours to clean the baking sheet. And now I know why Jam Roly Polys remain boring and dreary. You can’t do much with them. I shall be posting it soon.
      Thank so much for this hilarious message you left behind. You know laughter is the best medicine. Have a wonderful day I shall be visiting your blog to see how the concert went!!!

      1. Glad you had a giggle too. Laughter helps keep our faces healthy looking and the jowls at bay. My story of an experiment such as yours is sounding very similar. Being an inveterately lazy person, one day I thought that rather than the phyllo pastry filled fruit concoctions for dessert, I would use tortilla rounds and fill them with my fruit mixture and bake them! It can’t be that hard; did you know that tortilla rounds do not seal along the edges once you fold them over? I had to soak those sheets for hours and a very smelly smoky kitchen. Looking forward to the jam roly polys which I’m sure won’t look boring and dreary.

        1. After that disaster with the roly ploys I just cleaned around it and took photos anyway. I wasn’t in the mood of repeating that process again. And anyway the recipe required suet, which I couldn’t find so I used shortening instead. The pastry was so short and delicate to handle. I bet that’s why everything oozed out other than the jam and a few scraps of strawberries. Ultimately, I ate the roly poly with homemade custard. It was delicious and delicate!!!

    1. You should try to make. It’s great to see you after some spell of silence but I know the Bentos are even more attractive!!!

    1. I adore peanut butter and really enjoyed crunching the cookies with my endless cups of teas and coffees. I was sad when the tin finally became empty. I’m planning to make them again. Thanks and have a wonderful week!

  6. I LOVE peanut butter cookies, especially the ones made by my aunt. I get to eat ’em once in a year because my aunt only makes them for Chinese New Year. Seeing this post makes me wonder why I have never tried to make some myself, so that I can eat them at any time of the year.
    I would love to try this recipe as soon as I got the time to do it.

    1. Hari, honestly, you should try these ones because they are so easy to make and you only need one jar of peanut butter. I really enjoyed eating them and was so sad when they finally got finished and I could’t snack anymore.
      I think I shall plan to make some more soon. Thanks so much. I shall be visiting your blog right now to see what you’re up to. Thanks so much for being here. My warm wishes to your extended family.

      1. This is perfect, Liz! I got a big jar of Skippy Peanut Butter in my cupboard! (Yay!) 😀
        I’m off to bed now. Have a lot of things to buy tomorrow. The market is getting more crowded as the Eid Ul Fitr approaches, which means I have to be extra early to get some carrots and tomatoes. 😀

        1. You love the market, that’s all I can say. Please turn that skippy into some crunchy goodness and give a feedback on how well they tasted.
          I wish I had some muslim friends, I love the way they cook mounds of nice smelling food during Eid. Once upon a time I lived next to a muslim family and all I can remember is the amount of food I ate from them: samosas of all kinds, fried doughnuts spiced with cardamons, Pulao rice, Kebabs, Biryani, tandoor chicken, bhajias (my favourite). I was so sad when we moved to another neighbourhood. I still dream of that food!!! Have a goodnight. I am alternating between your blog and mine, right now!

        2. The foods you just mentioned made me drool. I am gonna be dreaming about food, I’m sure. 😀
          Most of my Muslim friends are local native folks and they cook Indonesian foods for the Eid. No Samosa, kebab or tandoori chicken. In fact, I was the one who cooked Biryani rice for them. LOL
          (I should post about the “local” version of Biryani, shouldn’t I?)

        3. I have been contemplating posting Biryani for so long but that’s because I can’t remember when I last cooked it. My Biryani skills have gone to the dogs.
          You know I just assumed that all muslims eat Biryani, now you are telling me I am wrong?
          Please post that local version of Biryani as soon as possible. I need to sharpen my Biryani making skills again. I look forward to seeing the Biryani on your blog!! Okay have a good night!

        4. Hi, Liz! 😀
          It was an interesting market day. Something was wrong with the electricity. The sellers take out their candles and lit them. It was darker than usual, but it was kinda beautiful.
          Biryani, kebabs and other dishes you mentioned are all Middle Eastern foods. They were then brought into South Asian countries.
          Both Middle Eastern and South Asian Biryani can be found in Indonesia. Though I have to say that the South Asian one is more popular.
          Middle Eastern foods are not something commonly cooked in most Muslim households in Indonesia. It’s more like a once in a while “thing”. They are not as popular as the local traditional dishes, which are enjoyed on daily basis.
          I am very curious with your version of Biryani rice. I bet it is more “original” than the one I know. My version of Biryani rice is much influenced with South Asian cooking. 😀

        5. It’s long since I went to a real market. We have a market here, every Saturday, but I’m sure I can’t compare it to yours. Yours is what I call “a real market”
          Biryani, kebab, and Pulao are cooked in India (is that part of S. Asia, my geography is rusty now). I used to have a lot of Indian friends when I was growing up.
          What are Indonesian foods then? is it all the food you post on your blog? What about Loempia? is that Indonesian? I used to eat Loempia in the streets in the Netherlands when I was a student. I loved eating them. I wish I could have one now.
          It would be nice if you could post your Biryani version. I’m sure it’s better than mine, since by now I can’t remember clearly what I used to do, but I know I used to colour the rice (yellow, red,) and mix it with white rice. It looked very nice. Thanks Hari, I need to have some breakfast. now. Have a wonderful evening. I bet it’s evening by now?

        6. Hi Liz,
          India is a part of South Asia. Many Indian folks in my hometown are Muslim. They are really good cooks. The kebab, samosa, biryani or anything they cook are simply mouth-watering.
          Many traditional food I posted are Indonesian food, such as the Raja’s grilled Chicken.
          Lumpia was originally a Chinese snack. It was turned into a peranakan treat in Indonesia.
          The Dutch is one of the five major cultures that shaped Peranakan hybrid culture. I guess they brought lumpia back to Netherlands during the colonization era.
          I’m going to post the biryani recipe as soon as I get the chance to. I don’t know if it’s better than yours because it has been modified a lot. It is influenced by both Middle Eastern and South Asian cooking. There are lots of local spices used, too. 😀

        7. I love Indian food. and I loved eating Lumpias, even though the lady only brought her truck to town of Friday evenings. I always looked forward to Friday evenings.
          Please post the Biryani stop worrying about mine being better. I think even mine has been modified beyond recognition. I look forward to seeing and smelling and drooling over the Biryani. Have a great evening!

        8. Alright! I’m gonna cook it as soon as I get the chance to (I don’t have any photo of it)! (Have been so crazily busy these few days! Have to plan about stocking the food for several days. The market is going to be pretty empty during the fast breaking festival)

        1. Good for you, summer has taken a break. We have much milder temperatures since yesterday. I am just loving it!!!!

    1. Oh how I love gloating whenever I can, today’s temperatures are even cooler. It looks more like fall. Pass my best wishes to your family and wish Josh a speedy recovery!! I wish I could scribble something on the blue cast too!

        1. Aha so there is the trade-off. i enjoy myself right now and suffer silently in the cold, snowy winter as you have your turn to gloat in the mild winter.
          I would prefer mild winters anytime. I don’t enjoy the extreme winter weather. It’s kind of depressing and grey and cold,,,I think I laugh less often then. Thanks so much for your friendship. I’m working on a post that I hope to publish before midnight today. Enjoy the summer all the same!

        2. I am posting tortellini soup. I’m halfway done. Hope to finish one minute before midnight, that’s my deadline. I have other house chores to do right now. Thanks. I also look forward to your next post. Best wishes!

    1. They are so easy to make and they are extra tasty so I hope you make them. Enjoy them, if you do/ Wish you pleasant day or night whichever applies and thanks for your visit!

  7. Are you kidding me? I just made Peanut Butter cookies the other day! Lol. The cookies are all gone now though. 😦

    1. Mm that’s so good to know. Why didn’t you post them? and did they look like mine? I love peanut butter cookies, anytime. I hope you slept well last night. have a pleasant day!

      1. I didnt get picture of them. Lol! They were good. Very similar recipe, but yours is a little bit different. I didn’t put chocolate on it because I didn’t have any on hand. i was dying to make a chocolate peanut butter swirl brownie, but ended up with peanut butter cookies instead! I have soo many jars of peanut butter, it’s crazy!

        1. You seem to love peanut butter, like me. I love the peanuts too. I have just had a cup of tea with some peanuts. I have run out of cookies. Thanks for being here. I glimpsed your Etsy shop. iI has a lot of children’s stuff, mine are grown up now. One day I want to start an Etsy shop too!!!

        2. The husband and daughter are peanut butter fans too. We also get it free through a program called WIC. Yeah, my etsy is mosty children stuff because most of my orders are for photography props for newborns. I can make mostly anything though. I’m working on blankets, and will soon be adding infinity scarves, earwarmers, and beanies for adults. What type of shop do you want to open?

        3. Free peanut butter, I would love that. Let me know when you add some adult stuff, maybe something will be appealing enough.
          Good question about what type of shop. I haven’t given it good thinking yet. I have floated numerous ideas and is yet to settle on one. The thinking continues at the moment. Thanks and enjoy your day!

        4. Yeah. We have 5 unopened jars of it. Lol! I will definitely let you know when I do! Hopefully it will be soon. 🙂 I would suggest a favorite hobby besides baking/cooking.

        5. Thanks for bouncing off an idea. We tend to think in a straight line so it’s always good to know what others might suggest or think. Thanks I shall reminisce!

  8. Cookies will be easier to send to me than strudel! On second thought, you can send them together! They will help each other on the journey!

    1. Mmm I thought you left a standing order and everything is sent straight from the oven before it lands on the cooling rack.
      You specified you wanted them hot! thanks for stopping by!

        1. Don’t move an inch, otherwise they might miss you! Have a lovely day and enjoy the cookie crunch!

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