Cheese and Onion Bread

Have a great weekend…..

Chez Foti_0629

I started this blog because I wanted to inspire myself and others to bake or cook. Once a week, I shall be taking time off my blog to cook or bake  from somebody else’s blog. This week I baked a simple Cheese and Onion Bread from a lovely lady I ‘met ” on the WordPress platform from SW France.

Four reasons why you should try this simple Onion and Cheese Bread:

  • It’s a quick and simple yeastless and kneadless throw-it-all together Cheese & Onion Bread, that takes minutes to make.
  • It’s the perfect accompaniment to a hearty lunch time soup and particularly wonderful served piping hot out of the oven whilst the cheeses are still oozy
  • And you can literally use any cheese, or combination of cheeses, you happen to have in.
  • It’s very delicious and filling, I had it for lunch yesterday, but being such a carnivore, I added some ham to it,

Have a cheese and onion filled weekend. For the recipe, click here 

“ if you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” (May 20, 1965, Speech to National Union of Townswomen’s Guilds Conference) Margaret Thatcher


Author: Liz

I love everything food: eating, cooking, baking and travelling. I also love photography and nature.

28 thoughts

    1. Hi Cece,
      Thanks for visiting me. The bread is delicious and very easy to make. Takes about 3 minutes to mix. You should try it, one day. Have a wonderful week!

  1. The cheesy bread is for me! You know we love soup, and this would be great to make at the last minute! Not so good at changing over the measurements, though. Is there an easy way to do this – some little formula? It’s nice that you always give both.

    It’s red beans and rice for lunch today – with Italian sausage, peppers and onions.

    1. The cheese bread is a recipe I got from, the link is provided there, if you click on it will take you to the original recipe where I made this from. What measures do you use? then perhaps I can give an idea on how to change them. Thanks for stopping by, Enjoy the rest of Sunday.

    1. I saw fresh bread on your blog too. Thank you for the follow. Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a note. Have a refreshing week!!!

    1. Thank you for always stopping by, you are my inspiration, and thank you for commenting on my post. I love talking to other bloggers, it makes me have an awesome day, it makes me smile and laugh and just be happy. Have a wonderful week, I shall be visiting your blog, shortly.

    1. That bread is a winner, got the recipe from my good friend from SW France. Seriously, you should consider trying it. It’s ready in minutes and it’s well worth the little effort put in. If you are a lover of cheese, you have to try it!!!

    1. This bread is a star, and the best thing is the fact that it takes only 10 minutes to prepare. I have made it three time, the third time I used whole wheat flour and lots of left over cheese. It was awesome, you should give it a go!!! Maybe I might just send you a slice???

    1. I just made the bread once, the day before I posted it, but I guess a herb like Tarragon would taste really nice. I liked the smell of the red onions with cheddar cheese it was great too. I shall look at your favourite creamy tomato soup, I love homemade tomato soup. Thanks for stopping by, my favourite pastime and for leaving me a note. I love reading from others, it always makes my day!!

    1. This bread is so easy to make and so delicious, I really enjoyed eating it. I love getting visitors from other countries, How is Singapore? One day I hope to travel there because it’s one of the most discussed economies in the world! Thank you for visiting me and for leaving me a note. I really appreciate!

      1. Hmm Singapore is an island city, very fast paced yet lots of greenery everywhere. The best thing about Singapore is it’s foods. The eating culture here, hmm you can actually eat at all hours at the day, and it’s a huge melting pot of ethnicities and foods.

        1. Omg it sounds so exciting…I love places where you can eat the whole day, and I also love to eat food from different ethnicities and cultures. Of course I also love nature, so good that you have greenery everywhere. One day, Insha Allah, I’ll visit Singapore. Thanks for leaving me a note. I really appreciate. Have a great week!

  2. Ahr, thank you so much for baking my Cheesie bread and blogging all about it, you’ve made my weekend! Bet it’s great with ham too. Could really fancy a slice fresh out of the oven with a handsome slather of butter…happy days :)) Louisa

    1. The bread was really nice and easy to make and the red onions make it really tasty and the cheese was oozy and nice and warm and I added ham because I have so much ham (last week there was a sale for ham). We had it straight from the oven with some spicy chickpea soup. My children really enjoyed eating it, they wanted more in the morning. Your website has great, homely recipes, I browse often to see what I can make. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

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